Software Engineer - Front End at Hostfi
December 2022 - March 2023
Typescript and NextJS/React, build property management and expense tools(handle & display transactions/payments/billing data, provide clients the ability to pay & multi-pay via. ach/wire payments to new and pre-existing recipients, automate and enable 3rd-party accounting integration) for Hostfi’s airbnb/vacation property rental clients. Integrate various front-end accessibility and component improvements(responsive design, displaying property expenses data/statistics, sorting/filtering for transaction/property/payment data, general ui clean up), provide web-application maintenance and codebase refactoring. Utilize various ci/cd pipelines tools such as AWS and Github.
Product Engineer - Front End at Kiddom
April 2021 - April July 2022
Typescript, Javascript and React, work on the Content team to integrate and create Teacher/Student interactive question-types(classifying, fill in the blank, categorizing, drawing etc.) and general instructional tools(auto-grading, performance analytics, curriculum/assignment planner) into the Kiddom platform. Integrate digital curriculum ingested from Kiddom’s curriculum partners into the Kiddom platform. Build core classroom features such as Teacher/Student grading, analytic and curriculum planner tools into Kiddom’s classroom environment. Utilize various ci/cd pipelines tools such as CircleCI, and Github
Software Engineer at Change Healthcare
November 2018 - April 2020
Using React and Javascript, to integrate Apple Pay API into their planned overhaul Next Generation payment check-out system for users to pay for viewing, and managing healthcare and insurance bills. Built up pieces of the Next Generation payment platform user-interface such as payment and credit card forms, and scaffold a mobile checkout experience in React-Native. Maintain and integrate Change Healthcare APIs such as member claims, payment status and transaction functionality into their current and Next Generation check-out experience